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Foodmate brings innovative technology and cost-effective solutions to poultry processing automation. Our machines optimize yields, improve quality, and reduce labor cost while maintaining low cost of ownership.

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At Foodmate, we make it our goal to ensure you will have the most efficient equipment at your plant. Because of our commitment to being your go-to partner for poultry processing equipment. Our systems are designed to be simple to use and achieve the highest yields. The better you are able to optimize your yields; the more profit you’ll be able to make.
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Because chicken appreciates a clean cut

Leading Technology in Cut-up Solutions

Foodmate provides solutions to meet the widest range of products specifications and cutting requirements, meeting the highest standards set by retailers, fast food companies and institutional organizations from around the world.

You won't have a bone to pick.

Dark & White Meat Deboning Solutions

In response to the increasing demand and production of deboned dark and white meat, Foodmate has developed efficient and yield enhancing solutions for white and dark meat deboning, including the latest ULTIMATE Whole Leg Deboner, the intelligent whole leg deboner that uses a highly advanced X-Ray measurement system.

Grading, Production Control & Distribution

Foodmate has developed various production control, grading and distribution solutions that grade poultry products based on various weight and quality criteria. Now with ChickSort 3.0, levels of control and accuracy have been even more enhanced.


Get inspired. Gain Experience.

Foodmate Academy & Inspirience Center

Foodmate Academy

The Foodmate Academy opened its doors in the USA in May 2015 and has since hosted 30 individual two or five- day training classes, with over 150 participants.

Training can be arranged for existing and new installs, assisting with the post-sales transition and ensuring ultimate post-purchase return on investment.

Inspirience Center

Foodmate has built a new 5,000 sf. climate controlled training center to accommodate the increasing demand for testing & training. The Foodmate Inspirience Center is set up like an actual processing facility, housing a complete OPTI Flow Cut-up System with Weighing and Vision Grading, Dark Meat Deboning System, the new OPTI Thigh Deboner with Kneecap Remover, as well as White Meat Deboning System.


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