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Excellent efficiency.

Foodmate slaughtering equipment focuses on efficiency and animal wellfare, stress free poultry makes for better product. Foodmate slaughtering equipment is easy to control and maintain, it is often connected to defeathering machines to optimize speed and reducing labour.


Killing Machine Double Blade

The Killing Machine is designed to automatically remove the heads from chicken, hung in the shackles of the slaughtering conveyor, directly after being stunned in the electrical stunner.
The cuts are performed by rotating blades with manually controlled cut-depth. Blade height and its position relative to the chicken are controlled by means of a hydraulic cylinder. Special stainless steel guides ensure proper positioning of the head to the blades.
Due to various bird sizes, constant supervision of the machine is necessary.

  • Allows for a maximum of 12.000 birds per hour
  • Stainless steel frame and motor
  • Motor (IP66) power: 2 x 0,75 kW
  • Machine dimensions
    – Length:  1559 mm
    – Width:     889 mm
    – Height:  min. 1550 mm – max. 1850 mm
    – Weigh: approx. 130 kg


The air agitated scalder suitable for most types of poultry. The scalder model includes an in/outlet section, a return section and a canopy over the full length of the scalder. The tank and canopy are stainless steel constructed as well as the heat exchangers, located between the passes.
Heat exchangers are suitable for hot water heating (closed circuit) or low pressure steam < 6 bar.
A water level control system and a temperature control box, with an accuracy of 0.2°C are included in the scalding unit.
Track and corner are included as well as the air blowing system for water agitation.

  • Allows for a maximum of 9.000 birds per hour
  • Stainless steel frame and motor
  • Motor (IP66) power is 2,2 kW
  • Water pressure: < 6 bar.
  • Machine dimensions:
    – Length:   variable
    – Width:     915 mm
    – Height: 2475 mm
    – Weight:   variable

Defeathering Machine

The defeathering machine is developed for removing the feathers from several types of poultry. The machine is available in several sizes and all picking rows are separate adjustable in all directions. The discs are belt driven, assuring a smooth and low noise operation. For cleaning and maintenance one side of the machine can be opened, so good access is assured. Available in 2 rows on each side. 

  • Available in different lengths
  • Each row can be adjusted individually
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Stainless steel frame and motor
  • Motor (IP66) power: depending on number of discs
  • Water connection: 1,0 m3/hr
  • Machine dimensions:
    – Length: depending on number of discs
    – Width:  1950 mm
    – Height: 2425 mm
    – Weight: depending on number of discs

Head & Trachea Puller

The head puller with a drive unit is designed for removing chicken heads and trachea after their necks have been cut (it is usually located after the picking stage).

  • Allows for a maximum of 6.000 birds per hour
  • Stainless steel frame and motor
  • Motor (IP66) power is 0,55 kW
  • Machine dimensions:
    – Length: 1554 mm
    – Width:     721 mm
    – Height: 1227 mm – 1400 mm
    – Weight: approx. 104 kg

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