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Res-Drob is the biggest poultry meat producer in Podkarpackie Voivodship and one of the largest poultry companies in Poland. The plant, which has been operating for 68 years, is being intensively restructured and equipment is continuously upgraded.

The first Foodmate machine, the OPTI LTD Whole Leg Deboner, was installed in Res-Drob in January 2017. It has proven itself so well that the management of RES-DROB decided to invest further in newer Foodmate equipment. In February and April 2019, two ULTiMATE Whole Leg Deboners were installed. One of them runs around the clock with a short break for sanitizing, the other, runs from morning till evening. Due to increasing demand for chicken leg meat, plans are to run both machines 24 hours a day soon.

“The X-Ray measurement system works great, we no longer have problems with the different sizes of the product. All we need to do is servicing everything properly, sanitize thoroughly and to replace the blades regularly. With a clear conscience I can recommend these machines to all investors.”

Jolanta Sroka, Production Manager,

Until recently, poultry processing equipment was less efficient and required more operators. Now, with the ULTiMATE, the plant achieves significantly higher performance and requires only a half of the standard staff. The machine debones the whole leg, removing meat with or without skin, depending on the order. For the final control and trimming, only a few people are needed.

“During start-up there were some minor problems but we resolved them with the Foodmate Service Team and everything worked well from the beginning. It is a very thoroughly designed machine that provides significant labor savings. It is in a class of its own. It is impossible to compare the ULTiMATE with the equipment it replaced.”, stated Jolanta Sroka, Production Manager for the plant.


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