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When you look at companies for your meat processing equipment spare parts or maintenance needs, look to Foodmate for our quality, training, and easy access to original parts for your convenience.

Quality, Speed and Excellence

At Foodmate we do not only provide you with the best poultry processing equipment, we also support you throughout the process of installing, maintaining and improving it. We tailor this program to your needs: the Asset Integrity Program.

What is AIP?

Within the AIP we offer you the service as well as the parts you need to get the optimum out of your equipment. The program is designed to suit your needs, whether you apply preventive or condition-based maintenance we got your back. Next to our service and spare part packages we also offer the ability to train your personnel on site with your own equipment or in one of our state-of-the-art demo facilities.


Foodmate Asset Integrity Program

Let us “ontzorg” you!

This is how we describe our AIP program

“Ontzorgen” is the Dutch term we use to describe our AIP program. So, what does Ontzorgen mean? Quite literally it means “ to Unburden”. The ability to “unburden” the plant and protect your investment is our goal. Discover the benefits of “unburdening” your plant with Foodmate AIP!
Quality, Speed and Excellence

Why Foodmate Parts?

Foodmate is dedicated to serving your spare parts needs by maintaining a large inventory of original Foodmate parts. Our original Foodmate parts are manufactured using high-quality materials and developed with optimum poultry processing equipment performance in mind.

Foodmate Spare Part Packages

Consumable Parts Kit

Some equipment consumes more parts than others, at Foodmate we have determined for our equipment how many parts it should use when you follow the provided protocols. These parts can be ordered for a predetermined time span to ensure that you have always the required parts on stock.

Maintenance Parts Kit

The wear and tear of certain parts depends on many factors (like water usage, detergent type and maintenance) at Foodmate we have determined which parts are likely to wear out over a certain period of time. These parts can be ordered in packages to ensure that you have the required parts on stock. Whether you apply preventive maintenance and replace the whole kit or if you apply condition-based maintenance, the parts are on the shelve at your disposal.

Recommended Parts Kit

Some parts are not subject to structural wear and tear but are crucial to keep your machine operational. At Foodmate we have selected parts that we consider critical, we offer these parts in our Recommended parts kit. Even in case of an emergency you are ensured of a quick restart.


Our service technicians work with you to ensure highest yields and uptime.

Service Phone Number:
+ 31 186 630 242

Innovative solutions FOR poultry processing

AIP Service

It is our common goal to make your business profitable, our service program can make an important contribution to this, that is why we make it simple and fit for your needs!

How does it work?

A Foodmate Service Manager schedules an appointment with you and together we determine a plan for maintenance and training. Whether you apply preventive maintenance and needs assistance from our experienced service personnel by replacing the parts and optimizing performance. Or if you apply condition-based maintenance and you want assistance from our experienced service personnel to make a substantiated estimation whether a part needs replacement or if it can last even longer without negative consequences. It is always possible to schedule extra time for on-site training or we can offer your staff tailor-made training in our demo center. We are here to help you operate and maintain your machines as economically as possible.

Foodmate Maintenance Services

24/7 Emergency Support

Backed by Experienced Service Technicians.

Our 24/7 Emergency Support is backed by experienced service technicians, ready to solve any unexpected issues directly with you. Our remote diagnostics service usually provides a solution to the issue; in case it does not, a service technician is immediately dispatched to the plant site. Our parts are stocked at various strategic global locations to ensure the quickest delivery times.

The purchase of your Foodmate equipment will come with not only high-end technology, but also with top quality installation and maintenance service. It is our goal to ensure that our clients achieve a fast and consistent return on their investment. By offering our customers increased plant uptime, optimized equipment efficiency and yield; the total revenues will increase. And we make that our commitment to you. 
Service Phone Number: + 31 186 63 02 42


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